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Larimer Furniture

Dave & Diane Hess, Owners

113 W. Waterford St.
PO Box 274
Wakarusa, IN 46573
PH: 574-862-2232

Quality Well-Built Furniture for every room, mattresses and stain-glass lamps!


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Schmidt Furniture and Cabintry LLC and Awesome Gift Shop!

Stephen Schmidt, Owner

903 Nelsons Parkway
Wakarusa, IN 46573
PH: 574-862-2200

Custom Amish Cabinets & Furniture - Real Old-World Quality

We offer quality that you will find only in hand-built cabinetry. Our custom cabinets are built out of the wood species of your choice. Highly Skilled artisans use the latest techniques in finishing such as glazing, spray-on staining, wiped staining, tincturing and hand rubbing. The cabinets are then coated with a durable state-of-the-art finish which requires minimal care.

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